Reply to Bill’s Comment on Creating a Custom View in MS Project 2010

Bill commented on my previous post on creating a custom view in MS Project 2010.  More specifically, he asked the following question about the look-ahead filter:

“How would I show all tasks that are not at 100% complete yet older than 30 days? Meaning that all tasks not 100% complete would remain visible in the 30 Day Look Ahead report regardless of the date. And, once the task achieve 100% completion it would fall off the list.”

This is a great question and the proposed new feature – keeping older tasks that are not complete – should be part of this filter.  I will still check this out further, but I think the following will do the trick:

Compound Filter

The first part of the OR statement provides the desired look-ahead window – and can be set to cover any timeframe.  The second part of the OR statement catches any older tasks (outside the window) that are not yet complete.

I hope this helps and comments are always welcome!

Tim Jones


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